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About Suriana

Suriana is a company that specializes in international business. Our team is basically composed of marketing and foreign trade experts. Our objective is to facilitate commercial transactions and to structure international relations. We have offices in 3 countries and we are continually expanding our presence around the world.

To achieve this, we offer a series of services to our clients. Our expertise extends from the preparation of market studies to the effective implementation of operations in new markets.

Our Services

Our range of services aims to assist our clients to establish or strengthen their presence in international markets. each customer's needs are unique, which led us to work with specific proposals for each situation. Below is a summary of project types structured by Suriana throughout our history.

Planning and conduct of international missions with a technical and business focus;

Preparation of strategic plans for new companies and for clients interested in expanding their geographical presence;

Implementation of the entry strategy in new markets for Brazilian and foreign companies;

Planning and implementation of international sourcing projects;

Creation and implementation of new strategies in territories where our clients need to improve their performance;

International events.

Our Team

Over the years we have structured a diverse and experienced team in order to be able to serve our customers with a correct understanding of all of their needs.

  • Angela Hirata
    Angela Hirata
  • Rodrigo Scaff
    Rodrigo Scaff
  • Ligia Feichas
    Ligia Feichas
  • Mariangela Pereira
    Mariangela Pereira
  • Kazuko Abe
    Kazuko Abe
  • Francine Harumi
    Francine Harumi
  • Rodrigo Takenaka
    Rodrigo Takenaka
  • Helena Melo
    Helena Melo


Meet some of the clients we have worked with throughout our history.

Amazonas Sandals
Apex Brasil
Brasil Observer
Casa Valduga
Eco Fresh
Grupo Malwee
Holly Hunt